TechradiumThe Industry Leader in Mass Notification
IRIS™ (Immediate Response Information System)

IRIS™ can act as an emergency crisis response system or a routine message distributor. New features are constantly being added while current features are being updated on a regular basis. IRIS™ meets and exceeds the necessary requirements of priority communication:

Delivery Speed

IRIS™ sends alert messages to thousands of recipients in about 30 seconds with the click of a single mouse. If a computer is not handy, you simply contact IRIS™ toll-free from any telephone or cell phone, and an IRIS™ adviser communicates your message immediately.

Format & Message Flexibility

IRIS™ reaches message recipients by all devices at virtually the same time: telephone, cell phone, digital pager, fax, wireless PDA device, email, computer system tray icon, Amber alert and LED signs. Voice and text are delivered in up to ten languages as specified by recipients, through real-time multilingual capabilities.

Message Consistency

By utilizing IRIS™, users can command a consistent message and continuity of execution. Your messages can be tailored to fit any situation.

Receipt Verification

IRIS™ automatically verifies message receipt and saves data for a variety of reports.

Cost Effectiveness

IRIS™ requires no hardware, software or system installation� and is accessible from any telephone or Internet-connected computer. You need no additional equipment or website modifications. IRIS™ offers the lowest cost per contact of any communication system. IRIS™ provides unlimited messaging for one monthly or annual fee with No Maintenance Costs.

Unmatched Reliability

IRIS™ is a digital, broadband, fail-safe, multi-format, rapid verification and response communication system connected to the world's most reliable Internet backbone.

Maximum Data Protection

IRIS™ operates under the highest security standard in existence to safeguard all personal data. Its encryption level is more secure than the technology protocol employed by credit card companies to protect on-line transactions.


TechRadium's proprietary technology on IRIS™ is so advanced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted patents protecting it. Currently, TechRadium has 19 patents filed with the USPTO and four issued patents:

  • 7,174,005 for our School-Wide Notification and Response System
  • 7,130,389 for our Digital Notification and Response System
  • 7,362,852 for our School-Wide Notification and Response System with Enhanced Administrator Function
  • 7,418,085 for our Special Needs Digital Notification and Response System
  • 7,496,183 for our Method for Providing Digital Notification
  • 7,519,165 for our Method for Providing Digital Notification and Receiving Responses
  • 7,624,171 for our Method for Digitally Notifying Customers of a Utility
  • 7,684,548 for our Notification and Response System with Attendance Tracking Features
  • 7,685,245 for our Digital Notification and Response System

TechRadium has exclusive marketing rights for IRIS™ and no other companies offer IRIS™ as a service besides our licensed partners. TechRadium continues to improve its system and seeks additional patent protection of its proprietary technology.